Water Management


We at Advanced Spa And Pool take water testing and water care seriously.

We take pride in our customer service; as a team we strive to always be improving your experience at our store and exceed all of your expectations.


Every year all of our staff attends a BioGuard training seminar, and we train online in the winter and throughout the year through a BioGuard training website for pool and spa water testing and water care. We have BioGuard Certified Water Care Experts in our store at all times. We do our best to ask the right questions, and have the right answers to ensure that you have a stress free summer, even through the occasional algae bloom. We have the best water testing equipment and the best water analyzing software in the industry; designed by BioGuard.



We offer free water testing for all our valued customers, so bring your pool and spa water to the BioGuard Water Care Experts!

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Get your free water analysis at:

162 Lowell Road (Rt. 3A)
(3/10’s of a mile North of our old location)
Hudson, NH 03051
603.579.ASAP (2727)