The Tru-Blue Promise


Never worry about algae again!

Have you ever come outside excited to use your pool only to be surprised and disappointed by a green pool? Most pool owners have experienced these frustrating and unfortunate events, and it always seems to happen at the worst time, doesn’t it? What a bummer!

What if we could PROMISE that you would never have to experience that again? Well, now we can!

You’ll never have to miss out on summer fun with your family again, or have to pay extra money to get your pool back in shape.

The BioGuard Tru•Blue Promise program takes away your worries

By using BioGuard’s proven products and following our advice, the chances of algae blooms are dramatically reduced and you’ll have crystal clear water all season long. But the best part is that if you’re loyal to the Promise and you still end up with algae, we’ll give you the algaecide you need to fix it for FREE.

Now that’s peace of mind that ensures you’ll never miss a moment again in your pool.

Who is eligible for the Promise?

All of our customers who:

  1. Use a chlorine sanitizer or Mineral Springs (Bromine or SoftSwim are not eligible at this time)
  2. Purchase at least one qualifying product from each of Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 PLUS either Pool Complete™ or Optimizer Plus®. The qualifying Step Products are:
    • Step 1/Sanitizers – all SilkGuard® products (1” SilkGuard ®Tabs, 3” SilkGuard® Tabs, SilkGuard® Sticks, Smart SilkGuard® Sticks)
    • Step 2/Shock – Smart Shock®, Easy Shock N’ Swim®, BurnOut® 3, BurnOut® 35, BurnOut® 73
    • Step 3/Algicide – Back Up® 2, Algae All 60®, Banish®

By registering for the Promise, the pool owner agrees to:

  1. Continue to use only eligible BioGuard products and follow suggested treatment routine
  2. Get regular FREE water tests and balance water accordingly

To redeem for an algae bloom:

  1. Bring us a water sample for a FREE ALEX® Water Analysis
  2. Once the issue is verified, we will provide a FREE BioGuard Tru•Blue Promise Solution Kit with everything you need to get your pool back to blue!