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Can Old Sand Cause Cloudiness?

It sure can!


The sand may not necessarily be the main culprit, but sand older than 1 year (for baquacil/biguanide pools) or older than 3 years (for chlorine/salt/bromine pools) will not filter out all those pesky contaminants making your pool look hazy as well as it once did. Whether ASAP changes your sand or you do it yourself, you’ll need to know how much sand your filter takes. You don’t want to add too little or too much, or the filter will not work as effectively. Check the big label on your sand filter.

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When you have figured out how many pounds of sand your filter takes, you’ll need to figure out which kind of sand you’d like for your filter.


There is the more common Silica Pool Sand (white sand)…



Or the newer ZeoSand.


What is the difference?

ZeoSand is made of 100% natural zeolites (minerals found in volcanic rock). The zeolite particles have a 3 dimensional honeycomb structure which gives a cubic foot of ZeoSand about 100 times the surface area as a cubic foot of sand, allowing smaller particles to be trapped. Because of its lower density and the way that zeolites lay against each other, you’ll use about half as much ZeoSand by weight than regular filter sand.

Make sure you backwash immediately after changing the sand and before running your filter, AND STAY AWAY FROM BROWN FILTER SAND!!!

*If your pool is still cloudy after you’ve changed your sand, bring the Water Care Experts at ASAP a water sample. We’ll let you know if it needs more than time and filtration. Make sure you give your pool the extra lovin’ it needs while it’s feeling gloomy!


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