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The Truth About Phosphates

Hello everyone!

We’re going to talk a little bit about phosphates today.

You’ve probably heard us at one point or another tell you that you have a high level of phosphates. What are phosphates, and what kind of havoc can they unleash on your pool?

Phosphates can enter your pool any time, and they do. Pretty much from anything. They’re ever present, in one form or another. The only time phosphates may make your life difficult is if you have persistent algae, or algae and a chlorine demand.

Phosphates are food for algae. So, if you have algae you just can’t get rid of, we’ll probably test for phosphates. In this scenario, we’ll prescribe BioGuard Pool Tonic to remedy your phosphate issue, then aggressively attack your algae problem. When the algae is gone and your pool is clear again… It’s time for you to jump on the Optimizer Plus bandwagon. We promise you’ll never go back to living without it. (Plus, that will help gain you access to BioGuard’s Tru-Blue Promise.)

Now, let’s revisit our last conversation about chlorine demand. When you add shock to your pool, the chlorine goes right in and kills the first thing it encounters. In this scenario, that is algae. If that chlorine molecule goes in and is used up on killing the algae right away, it is not able to contribute to breaking through that demand and establishing a free chlorine residual. You would need double or triple the amount of shock to hit breakpoint for this reason. If there are also phosphates present, then the algae is constantly being fed, and constantly reproducing, creating a viscous cycle of not quite adding enough shock. Ergo Pool Tonic. The best cure for a sick pool. If you remove the phosphates, you remove the food, and the algae is left vulnerable and much easier to kill. Then you’ll​ be able to establish free chlorine.

I can NOT stress to you enough the importance of these two products if you find yourself in one of these situations. We will always recommend these to you, and help you get through your tough pool times. Don’t forget, only we as your BioGuard certified pool care Experts can PROMISE that you will never find algae or cloudy water in your pool… Ever again! Don’t wait until you have a problem to become a member of the Tru-Blue Promise.

You deserve better than that!

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Do you have a sick pool?

Is your pool looking cloudy and sickly?


Your pool could be suffering from a Chlorine Demand.

Before we jump into Chlorine Demands, lets first understand what having a Free Chlorine Residual means.

Free Chlorine is the active chlorine in the water that has not combined with organic matter and is therefore available for killing bacteria and algae. The proper range for free chlorine residual is 1-3 ppm. Below 1 ppm can cause swimmer irritation, cloudy water, chlorine demand, and even allow algae to grow. If you are having trouble maintaining 1-3 ppm of Chlorine, you may be in a demand.

So what exactly is a Chlorine Demand?

A Chlorine Demand is the consistent inability to maintain a free chlorine residual in a pool.  It is caused by a build up of contaminants which creates and “overload” on the sanitizing system.  Quite simply, it means that more sanitizer is required that is being provided to the water.

There are two ways to treat chlorine demand.  The first is to add the appropriate amount of chlorine.  The quickest way to find out what that amount is would be to have one of our BioGuard Certified Water Care Experts right here at ASAP run a chlorine demand test on the Accu-Demand30®.  This test is the most accurate test in the industry to find out exactly how much shock you will need to break your Chlorine Demand.

Depending on the severity of the Demand, the test results will tell you you’ll need to add any amount of shock from 5lbs to 100lbs. In most cases, you can use BioGuard Pool Tonic in conjunction with CLC3 to lower the amount of shock you will need to use. maxresdefault

As mentioned earlier, a Chlorine Demand is a build up of contaminants. Pool Tonic will remove a large portion of those contaminants, thus lowering the amount of shock needed to burn them off and establish a Free Chlorine Residual.

Once we have helped you break your chlorine demand and you are maintaining a steady 1-3 ppm of Free Chlorine, you may resume your normal BioGuard System.

If you think you may have a Chlorine Demand or have more questions about them, stop by our convenient location in Hudson, NH and speak to any of our BioGuard trained water technicians.

Don’t forget- We offer FREE Water Testing!


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