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Can’t Make It To Our Store?

Are you running dangerously low on chlorine or needing your water tested, but just can’t make it in to our store?

No worries! Let us come to you for free! With a minimum $50 purchase we will deliver anything in the store to your home at no charge (within 30 miles of our store) and we’ll get it there within 48 hours!

Complete BioGuard Line At Advanced Spa And Pool in Hudson NH

If you don’t need $50.00 in products ASAP will still deliver to you (*for a nominal service fee)


Simply fill out a delivery request form and your products will be on their way A.S.A.P.! Can’t get easier than that!


Click Here For Details & Request Form→

Call the store to speak to someone about Mobile Water Testing! The same terms apply.


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When Was The Last Time You Got A Tune Up?

Just like your car needs a tune up, your pool needs one too!

Let us inspect your pool and check your filter for optimum efficiency, lube all the o-rings, backwash your filter, and give you the peace of mind of having a pool that runs perfectly. Now you can finally enjoy your pool as much as your kids!




Do you have Mineral Springs or another salt system on your pool? We can clean the cell at the same time (for a nominal fee.) Ask us to bring BioGuard Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner with us!





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Is Your Pool STILL Green?

Are you tired of your pool looking like this?



If you’re like many others- stuck with a green pool during this year’s heat and pollen vortex and just can’t get it clear, we know how! Let us do it for you (in most cases clear in 3-5 days) and make your pool blue, and your wallet green once again! 



Call Or Stop By to ask us about our Clean Till Clear Service and our expertise in clearing pools A.S.A.P.!

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Happy Spring!

HOORAY! Spring has finally arrived and that not only brings us gorgeous weather, it also brings the RED SOX!  Time to celebrate the B’s so get out your jerseys and caps and let’s get this party started!  Let’s root for 2014 World series champs!


Now onto more good news, we may be nearing the end of our season supply promotion but you can still save 10% until April 15th, So don’t miss the great savings!


Spring also means it’s time to think about getting your pool ready. Now is the time to schedule your opening if you haven’t done so and to also get on our schedule for any service you may need, as our service crews are getting busy already. Remember- No matter what service you need, we can do it!


Have you visited us on Facebook? because if you haven’t, you’re missing out on some great deals! We post our weekly specials and promotions throughout the season, so please like and follow us so you don’t miss the fun we have planned this year!






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The Fall Is The Best Time To Install A New In Ground Pool

The Fall Is The Best Time To Install A New In Ground Pool

Many people ask “What is the best time of year to Install an In Ground Pool?” Right NOW!!! I always say. There are many reasons to install that new backyard oasis at any given point, but truly the Fall has a few significant benefits.

  1. The ground is generally dryer and more solid. This helps for a couple of reasons:
    1.  The area from the street to the pool site will generally have less damage than in the wet and muddy spring. Many times the grass doesn’t get torn up at all sometimes just matted down a bit. I usually joke with the customer “we can’t complete the project by helicopter!” I believe in setting a VERY realistic expectation of what the site will look like during AND after the project. There are excavators, skid steers, dump trucks, cement trucks, and even a small dozer going across the lawn. We are absolutely diligent in leaving the property minimally disrupted but logistics dictate some damage will be unavoidable and the fall minimizes the chances.
    2. You can spread out the project (AND the costs) without losing the use of your yard in the busy summer months. You can install the pool (We supply a temporary fence) get the pool filled, and have the electrical done in the fall. The earth settles naturally over the winter and complete your project (Deck, Fence, and Landscaping) early in the spring.
  2. The total project all at once is a daunting task. If you do it Fall and Spring it can relieve some of the stress of the rush to complete so the children can use their pool. Schedules many times get delayed in the spring. The past 5 years we have experienced very rainy May and June months. There is nothing that can be done to speed up the project when it rains 2-3 days per week and the crews get backed up. You wouldn’t want to rush a beautiful backyard project and risk for example the concrete finish to be degraded by pouring on a day with a strong threat of rain. The fall historically has far fewer days of rain, and the crews aren’t scheduled as tightly.
  3. Cost Savings- Historically the costs increase year to year. Fuel as we all know keeps going up, raw costs of steel and concrete rise and especially lately insurance keeps increasing. If the Swimming Pool is installed in the fall all the costs associated are realized in that year. Also by Locking in the Fence and Deck you experience the benefit of an earlier start date and in many instances you can lock in the fall price.
  4. The Memorial Day Party! By starting early and careful planning (Of course ASAP will guide you through this) you can show off your backyard masterpiece at your family cookout and be the envy of all your friends and family. Be sure to tell them all that Advanced Spa And Pool walked you through the entire process!!!

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