Soft Soak Trio- The Feel Good Spa System

Soft Soak® TRIO – The Feel Good Spa System™



Combines 6 benefits into 1 easy-to-use kit

Soft Soak® TRIO™ makes spa care simple. The pre-measured packets eliminate the guesswork and the easy step numbers let you know exactly when to add them.

This system works to:

  • Soften water
  • Clear water
  • Destroy impurities
  • Prevent scale
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Clean pipes and surfaces

TRIO was made for the spas that hold 350-450 gallons of water, which is the majority of spas in the market today. It is highly recommended for new spa owners.


A proprietary blend of softening agents creates a noticeably better experience.

The average spa user spends 15-30 minutes in the spa per soak. Make that time more enjoyable by soaking in water with elevated softness. The Soft Soak TRIO system creates a base level at fresh fill and then boosts the softness factor every week.


It removes major contaminants that make water cloudy so all you’ll see is your toes.

The weekly portion of the Soft Soak TRIO system removes the unseen, common contaminants that accumulate during hot tub use so your water stays sparkling clear and odor-free.

The last step ensures equipment also remains clean so TRIO can help prevent conditions that might diminish your enjoyment of the spa.



Soft Soak® TRIO™ Enhancing Water Softener

  • A proprietary blend of salts and minerals
  • Makes a discernible difference in how the water feels on your skin
  • Lasts for the entire three-month cycle





Soft Soak® TRIO™ Weekly Softener & Clarifier

  • Non-chlorine oxidizers remove common contaminants that cloud water
  • Additional softeners boost the comfort level
  • Helps prevent corrosion and scale on surfaces





Soft Soak® TRIO™ Restoring Spa Cleanser

  • Flushes the system after 3-month cycle
  • Removes built-up grime (lotion, body oil, make-up, hair-care products, dirt and debris)






 Soft Soak® Brominating Granules

  • One-step, fast-dissolving brominating granules have no chlorine odor
  • Dual-acting as both a sanitizer and oxidizer, eliminates need for two products
  • Easy to use, no pre-dissolving needed
  • Apply directly to water while the pump is running


Soft Soak® Chlorinating Granules

  • Fast-acting, quick-dissolving
  • Easy to use, no pre-dissolving needed
  • Acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer; no need for two products
  • Apply directly to water while the pump is running


Complete this system with Spa Complete for the best experience!

3-in-1 high intensity formula for spas & hot tubs

  • Keeps water AMAZINGLY clear
  • Softens water
  • Keeps spa clean
  • Contains soothing lavender and eucalyptus extracts

Your spa isn’t complete without Spa Complete!




Keep your spa care simple, soft and clear with Soft Soak Trio!