Hot Tubs And Spas

Why should I buy a Spa or Hot Tub from Advanced Spa And Pool?


 Simply put-

“We’ve got your back! And anything else that hurts…”



When buying a new spa at big box stores, generally those tubs are delivered into the driveway and left on a pallet. No instruction, no help, just an 800 pound anchor in the front yard.

The ASAP Difference: While visiting our friendly, modern, and convenient Hudson NH retail store you are educated on the finer points of hot tub purchasing. We go into detail of how the tub is made, the quality and durability of the equipment, and the depth of insulation. (After all, we don’t live in California where most of these tubs are made.) ***An uninsulated Hot Tub can cost as much as $100.00 per month EXTRA to operate in the winter compared to a spa well designed for New England weather. We generally have at least one running model so you can feel the strength of the jets and understand the operation.


Warranty: Many box store spas carry a (1) year parts warranty w/ (6) Months Labor.


Most ASAP Luxury Spas come with (5) year Parts, Labor AND Plumbing Warranty. We handle all services with our own Factory and Industry trained service crews.


Once you have chosen a Spa the owner of ASAP will visit your home and discuss options for installation. Advanced Spa And Pool can offer to do ALL or Some of the construction or just guide you through the process. ASAP has longstanding trusted contractors we work with for Concrete, Electrical, and Fencing. We have seen their work and most importantly know how they treat our customers. ASAP also builds Wood Decks. We do this in house with our own employees and can provide you with design and construction of the deck accompanied with the spa as a package.



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