Don’t fall behind!

Hello Everyone!

This is just a friendly reminder to everyone part of the Tru-Blue Promise- now that all the parties are mostly over make sure to continue your weekly maintenance program. It is very important, even when people may not be in the pool as much, to continue the program steps and guidelines to keep your pool crystal clear all season.

You must be using one of the following in each group:

Step 1/Sanitizers – all SilkGuard® products (1” SilkGuard ®Tabs, 3” SilkGuard® Tabs, SilkGuard® Sticks, Smart SilkGuard® Sticks) (Basic Tabs do not qualify)

Step 2/Shock – Smart Shock®, Easy Shock N’ Swim®, BurnOut® 3, BurnOut® 35, BurnOut® 73

Step 3/Algicide – Back Up® 2, Algae All 60®, Banish®

Step 4/Plus – Optimizer Plus, Pool Complete

Don’t forget – you must also bring a sample of your pool water in at least once a month to qualify for the Tru-Blue Promise.

Never miss a moment in your pool with BioGuard!

If you aren’t yet part of the Tru-Blue Promise, you can still sign up! Come talk to your BioGuard Water Care Experts ASAP for more information!


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