Can Old Sand Cause Cloudiness?

It sure can!


The sand may not necessarily be the main culprit, but sand older than 1 year (for baquacil/biguanide pools) or older than 3 years (for chlorine/salt/bromine pools) will not filter out all those pesky contaminants making your pool look hazy as well as it once did. Whether ASAP changes your sand or you do it yourself, you’ll need to know how much sand your filter takes. You don’t want to add too little or too much, or the filter will not work as effectively. Check the big label on your sand filter.

get-attachment (2)

When you have figured out how many pounds of sand your filter takes, you’ll need to figure out which kind of sand you’d like for your filter.


There is the more common Silica Pool Sand (white sand)…



Or the newer ZeoSand.


What is the difference?

ZeoSand is made of 100% natural zeolites (minerals found in volcanic rock). The zeolite particles have a 3 dimensional honeycomb structure which gives a cubic foot of ZeoSand about 100 times the surface area as a cubic foot of sand, allowing smaller particles to be trapped. Because of its lower density and the way that zeolites lay against each other, you’ll use about half as much ZeoSand by weight than regular filter sand.

Make sure you backwash immediately after changing the sand and before running your filter, AND STAY AWAY FROM BROWN FILTER SAND!!!

*If your pool is still cloudy after you’ve changed your sand, bring the Water Care Experts at ASAP a water sample. We’ll let you know if it needs more than time and filtration. Make sure you give your pool the extra lovin’ it needs while it’s feeling gloomy!


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The Party’s Over And My Pool Looks Awful!

Is your pool looking a little cranky after your 4th of July party?

Are you just now remembering 20 nieces, nephews and grandchildren in the pool all day, soda cans on every table and no wet little footprints on the way to the bathroom?



We’ve got the solution for that! Check out Angry Egg’s newest product…




Use Who Peed In My Pool? by Angry Egg to destroy all the things no one likes to talk about, but every pool suffers from! You can now rest assured knowing you’ll never again need to have that awkward conversation with your Water Care Expert! (We’re relieved too!)


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Are You Ready For The 4th Of July?

Party Time!


Most people celebrate their annual 4th of July with a massive pool party and/or BBQ. Every pool party and BBQ is fun, but do you have what you need to make your annual 4th of July bash the best one they’ve ever been to? Everyone knows that the Pool Toys make the pool party, and that the Grill makes the BBQ. Do you have the best of the best to keep your friends and family talking about your party until the next 4th of July? No? Well, as luck would have it…


We Do!


Drop by the store and check out our Americana Floats and Noodles,


















Solstice floating coolers,
















and Tec Grills

1049216_548265625236228_94937613_o (1)

to turn your Pool Party into a 4th of July Extravaganza!


Get in here, A.S.A.P. and get ready!






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We’re All Moved In!!


We’re all moved into our location, (162 Lowell Road, see the map below) and we’re open Sundays starting this weekend! Our hours are still Monday through Friday 10:00-8:00, and Saturday/Sunday 10:00-4:00. Come see our brand new location still in Hudson, just 3/10’s of a mile north of our old location! We’re all moved in, but we’re still setting up our store, so come in with some climbing gear and please excuse our appearance while we settle in. 🙂




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Can’t Get Your Pool Clear?

Does Your Pool Look Like This?


If you’re like many others who have just opened their pool and merely looking at your pool overwhelms you, bring it to the experts at ASAP and we’ll fix it for you!

We offer FREE water tests all year long and have BioGuard Certified Water Care Experts in the store at all times. Let us test your water- Don’t let your pool test your patience!




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Hello Everyone!


On May 1st Advanced Spa And Pool will be moving to 162 Lowell Road; still in Hudson (where Granite State Glass used to be.) The sign is down at our location now, but we’re still here until May 1st!


If you’re not sure where that is, coming from Sam’s and Walmart we will be 3/10 of a mile past our store on the right, and if you’re coming from the North, we will be about 3/10 of a mile before our store on the left. You could walk there from our (soon to be old) store! (We’ll be sitting right across from where the police usually sit so don’t speed to our new store, we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! 🙂 )


new store



We can’t wait to see you all there!

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Is Your Spa Cover Smelling Funny?

Does your spa cover have a strange odor?

Are there visible signs of mildew on it?




If you’re having trouble with mildew on your spa cover, here’s an easy way step by step to get rid of it- recommended by Sunstar Spa Covers.


  1. Remove foam cores from vinyl encasement.
  2. Mix 2 gallons of water, 1 Teaspoon of mild dish washing soap, and 1 cup of bleach.
  3. With a soft bristle brush, scrub the inside of the encasement thoroughly.
  4. Wipe down each foam core with a wash cloth and rinse both well.
  5. Put the encasement in the sun and the foam cores in the shade to dry. (Do not put foam cores in the sun, they will melt!)
  6. When everything is dry, spray the cores and inside the encasement with a mildew inhibitor like Pine Sol®.
  7. Allow everything to dry and re-assemble.

*If you are using WD-40 to free the Sure-Locs, try using a Q-tip to keep the WD-40 away from your wood cabinet. (It can damage the finish.)


After you’ve ridden your spa cover of that pesky mildew, make sure to keep your water balanced regularly so it won’t return! (Or we can test it for you!)

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Happy Spring!

HOORAY! Spring has finally arrived and that not only brings us gorgeous weather, it also brings the RED SOX!  Time to celebrate the B’s so get out your jerseys and caps and let’s get this party started!  Let’s root for 2014 World series champs!


Now onto more good news, we may be nearing the end of our season supply promotion but you can still save 10% until April 15th, So don’t miss the great savings!


Spring also means it’s time to think about getting your pool ready. Now is the time to schedule your opening if you haven’t done so and to also get on our schedule for any service you may need, as our service crews are getting busy already. Remember- No matter what service you need, we can do it!


Have you visited us on Facebook? because if you haven’t, you’re missing out on some great deals! We post our weekly specials and promotions throughout the season, so please like and follow us so you don’t miss the fun we have planned this year!






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Spazazz News Flash!


Have you heard?!

Advanced Spa And Pool has brought in new lines of Spazazz spa scents, including their Rx Therapy crystals, Set “The Mood” crystals, and His and Hers crystals (coming in next week)!! Find a perfect scent for any occasion, or turn your spa into your own romantic get away! Come smell them all- I know we already have!





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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Spa Care

Hello, Everyone!


After spending so many years working with Advanced Spa And Pool, I tend to hear the same questions repeated. I often wonder if that customer spent many frustrating hours looking for answers online to fix the pickle they’ve found themselves in before they came in to the store, so I decided to answer some of those questions for all of you. Now you can ACTUALLY find reliable information on the internet. How about that!


How much work is a hot tub to maintain?

A hot tub is not difficult to maintain. BioGuard makes taking care of your hot tub simpler than ever. You’ll pick your sanitizer, chlorine, bromine or biguanide. You’ll add your sanitizer and stain and scale control (for metals in the water) once a week, shock the tub when you’re done using it, and test and balance the water weekly. The tub should be drained 3 times a year. Every time you drain the tub or after heavy usage the filters need to be taken out and cleaned with a chemical filter cleaner to strip the pleats of cosmetics, bather waste, oils, etc.. Chemicals are normally added at a rate of tablespoons and teaspoons. ASAP can make the process even easier for you by giving you a detailed set of directions to take home; so easy anyone can do it!

What exactly does an ozonator do for my hot tub?

Ozonators put ozone gas in the spa water. Ozone is one of the strongest oxidizers in the world, much stronger than chlorine. Ozonators should not be used as sanitizers or to replace your normal sanitizer; it will not do enough work to keep your spa clean and safe. With that being said, ozone IS a phenomenal OXIDIZER. It can drastically lower chemical usage because it’s taking care of a lot of the work your sanitizer and maintenance shock would need to do otherwise. It is a great edition to any and every tub to help simplify hot tub maintenance even more.

Should I use Bromine or Chlorine?

Some spa manufacturers will void the warranty on jets and other parts if Bromine is used in the spa (because it is a salt, and salt makes more scale), so you may want to look into that before making any final decisions on which you would like to use. Chlorine is the most popular and cost-effective sanitizing system used in spas. It does not come in a tablet or liquid form; only granular, which simplifies the decision making and makes maintenance easier by only calling for a couple tablespoons a week. Bromine comes in a tablet and concentrate, and Bromine is more stable in hot water and in a higher range of pH than Chlorine is. Bromine is a salt, so you may find scale along the water lines and jets which left untreated can cause corrosion. All in all, both Chlorine and Bromine are spectacular sanitizers, and at the end of the day the decision will be left up to your own preferences and what fits your lifestyle best.

How often do I need to test and drain my hot tub water?

That’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables to consider. A good rule of thumb though, is to drain it 3 times a year or when your TDS reaches 1500 parts per million above your source water. TDS- total dissolved solids, is the measurement of solids in the spa water that can no longer be filtered out. Simply put, it tells us when your spa water “goes bad.” We can find that out for you with a free water test at our store.

I know someone who’s gotten rashes from their hot tub. Are they allergic to the chlorine?

It’s actually extremely rare that someone is allergic to Chlorine or Bromine. Most of the time, when someone is getting a rash the biggest culprits are low pH or very low/no chlorine. When the pH is too low, the water becomes acidic and harmful to the bathers skin (for the equipment too). The pH in a hot tub should always be between 7.4 and 7.6. Why? Because the pH of your tears is 7.5. The chlorine should be between 3 and 5 parts per million to sanitize properly. If it’s lower than that or if there is no active chlorine in the spa, it is not killing bacteria, leaving the bathers at risk for rashes and the like.


If you have other questions about spas and water chemistry, check for new blog posts or stop in to Advanced Spa And Pool with a water sample for a FREE analysis. Our water care pros will personally answer all your questions!




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