6 Keys To Basic Spa Care From SpaGuard


Now that spa season is back, we’re sure you’re anxious to get in again, but don’t forget how to take care of your tub and its bathers!

In case you’re a little rusty after a long summer of not using your spa, we’ll go over the 6 keys to basic spa care as taught to us by SpaGuard.

1. Circulation

Proper water circulation will help ensure even distribution of products as well as promote filtration. As the water circulates, it passes through the filter, trapping suspended particles. Properly circulating SpaGuard spa care products help keep the water inviting and ready for your soaking pleasure. Be sure to run your spa’s circulation system every day to ensure good working order.

2. Filtration

Many spa issues are caused by poor filtration. When the filter is dirty or clogged, debris stays in the water.  A properly cared for filter captures hair, oils and cosmetics. Because spa filters trap many contaminants, cleaning has two steps: spraying off loose debris, then using SpaGuard Filter Cleaner to remove oils and other contaminants embedded into the filter. You need to clean your filter every 4 to 6 weeks.

3. Cleaning

Contaminants such as dirt, oil and even bacteria can accumulate at the waterline, much like a bathtub ring. Regular cleaning preserves spa surfaces and prevents unwanted build-up.  Off The Wall® Surface Cleaner and SpaGuard Cleaning Mitts are powerful, low-sudsing cleaners that work specifically with spa water chemistry. Use them to remove the ring of oil and dirt that serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and to prevent residue from building up around the waterline and inside skimmers.

4. Draining and Refilling

Regular draining and refilling is a normal part of spa maintenance. Over time, the water absorbs and dissolves minerals, chemicals and other soluble material. The BioGuard Certified Water Care Experts at ASAP can perform a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) test to help determine if it’s time to replace your water. High TDS can make the water look dull, become foamy, and develop an odor. How often you drain and refill your spa depends on how often you use it.

This simple formula can help:

Spa gallons ÷ Daily bathers ÷ 3 = Days between draining

Example: 300 gallons ÷ 2 daily bathers ÷ 3 = 50 days

Note: a bather is one person in the spa for 15-30 minutes.

5. Chemistry

There are two primary components that affect spa water quality: sanitizer (bromine or chlorine) residual and pH. When both are within their recommended ranges, your water is comfortable, protected and clear; sanitizers and “shock products” work efficiently; and spa surfaces and equipment are protected. Recommended bromine or chlorine residual levels are:

  • Bromine Residual using Brominating Tablets
    • Residential = 2 – 4 ppm
    • Commercial = 4 – 6 ppm
  • Bromine Residual using Brominating Concentrate: 3 – 6 ppm
  • Chlorine Residual using Chlorinating Concentrate: 3 – 5 ppm

Maintain pH between 7.4 – 7.6 (the ideal range; acceptable range is 7.2 – 7.6). By adding SpaGuard Spa Sentry, it holds the pH within its optimum range. Spa Sentry is formulated to “watch over” the pH and protect the water from pH changes.

Bring a water sample to our location for a FREE water analysis to also balance the Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness.

6. Testing

The chemistry of your spa water needs to be checked regularly. Use SpaGuard products to maintain the correct levels, including: sanitizer residuals, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, metals, and total dissolved solids. BioGuard® 4-way Test Strips – and Soft Soak® 4-way Test Strips for Soft Soak spas – test pH, total alkalinity, and sanitizer levels with only one strip.

Maintaining proper levels will make the water clear and comfortable, kill bacteria that can multiply rapidly in a spa, protect spa surfaces from stains caused by metals, and protect spa equipment from scale. There are 3 essential chemical areas to maintain.

  1. Sanitization – kills bacteria to help prevent the transmission of disease.
  2. Oxidation/shock – removes residues and restores clarity and comfort.
  3. Water balance – ensures spa user comfort, water clarity, sanitizer efficiency, and longevity of spa surfaces and equipment.


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Pool Closing Myths Busted

People come in year after year to prepare for their pool closing, and these are some of the myths about proper pool closing that people are unfortunately misinformed about. We’ll set them straight for you!


1. Air pillows are made to hold the cover up. False!

Air pillows are not designed to hold the cover up under the weight of snow and ice. They are designed to relieve the stress when the ice expands and SACRIFICE themselves instead of the ice pushing out and damaging the pool walls. It’s better to have more than one, they will pop as the ice expands! You should need to replace them each winter. (Only fill your air pillows about 70%)



2. Using a chemical floater under the cover will reduce the potential of algae growth over the winter. False!

2014-08-31 12.28.49

When you use a chemical floater like this under the cover during the winter, the chemicals can not disperse properly because there is no circulation in the pool. The chemicals will release from the floater and sit on the bottom of the pool, and will not sanitize or oxidize anything in the other parts of the pool. The best thing to do is to use a winter shock and algicide and have your water tested to make sure your water is properly balanced before closing it up for the winter.




3. You can just close a green pool and the cold weather will kill the algae. False!

The cold environment makes for worse living conditions for algae, but when you open your pool in may there has still been enough sunlight, warmer weather and (more than likely) a lack of sanitizer in the water to allow better conditions for the algae to grow back. You should always balance the water and make sure your Chlorine is in the best range before you close the pool.

Also note that if you have a Loop Loc (or any other brand) mesh safety cover, the cover allows water from rain and snow to pass through, diluting the winter chemicals that you have added before closing. You can add BioGuard Algae All 60 through the cover once around Thanksgiving, and once around Easter to help prevent algae from growing. (Never add shock through the cover!!!) Safety covers are made for safety, not for water balance so you should take extra preventative measures to help.


4. Use a Gizzmo in your Above Ground skimmer to prevent ice damage. False!

Gizzmos are for In Ground use only. NEVER use a Gizzmo in an Above Ground skimmer. When you put a Gizzmo in an above ground skimmer, the water in both the skimmer and the pool will freeze and form an arm of ice around the Gizzmo. At this point the ice in the skimmer and in the pool are attached, so when the weight of the water and ice on top of the cover push down on the layer of ice in the pool, it will drag the arm of ice around the Gizzmo in the skimmer down as well, and this happens.




To avoid damage from ice and damage from a Gizzmo, use an Aquador. This will allow you to winterize the pool properly without lowering the water in the pool at all. After the Aquador skimmer assembly has been installed, all you need to do when closing is simply snap the lid on!




Make sure you close your pool the right way this year for a stress free opening! 

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Big Green Egg Recipes For Labor Day, Including Justin Moore’s BBQ Shrimp

Are you getting bored with plain old burgers and hot dogs year after year? Want to treat your family to something new this labor day? Here are a couple mouth watering recipes for you to try on your Big Green Egg.

Turkey Bacon Dogs 

Big Green Egg Recipes | Advanced Spa And Pool Hudson NH

I’d like someone to try to tell me that heaven doesn’t lie in a hot dog bun.

Treat everyone to healthier hot dogs with turkey franks wrapped in turkey bacon and nestled in Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat Hot Dog Rolls. Give them a southwestern twist with your favorite salsa and Cheddar cheese.

Recipe courtesy of Nature’s Own Bread. For more information, visit


8 Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat Hot Dog Rolls
1 package (16 ounces) Butterball® Bun Size Premium Turkey Franks 8 slices Butterball® Turkey Bacon
1⁄2 to 3⁄4 cup shredded Cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese
Salsa (medium or hot)
Pickled jalapeño pepper slices (optional)
Sour cream (optional)


Set EGG for direct cooking at 500°F/260°C.

Spray cold grate of grill with cooking spray. Wrap each turkey frank with 1 slice turkey bacon. Grill franks, turning frequently, until bacon is crisp.

Place franks in hot dog rolls. Immediately sprinkle with cheese. Serve with salsa and if desired, jalapeno pepper slices and sour cream.

Makes 8 servings

Don’t have a Big Green Egg? What are you waiting for?FF-0723_FB_post_20pct_v2

Enter to win one for FREE!



Photo credit: Kristen Barlowe

Justin Moore’s BBQ Shrimp

Justin Moore’s always had a thing about doing it his way. Call it stubborn redneck mettle or just the fierce commitment to blaze a trail that is inherent to people from his home of Poyen, Arkansas. This blazing sense of “Off the Beaten Path” drives his album of the same name.

A little bit rowdy, a little bit sentimental and a whole lotta roughneck, Moore has dented the country radio charts with hits including “Lettin’ the Night Roll” and“Point at You.” Moore hit #1 with “Small Town USA,” the sentimental family embracing “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” and the fidelity pledge “Til My Last Day.”

And now, for the first time since bursting onto the country music scene as Billboard’s “ACM New Artist of the Year,” Moore can take some time off from all of that hard work to relax and enjoy his success … and his Big Green Egg.

Here’s Justin’s recipe for BBQ Shrimp on the Big Green Egg:


1 pound peeled and deveined shrimp
Cajun dry seasoning (I use Tony’s)
Good olive oil
Fresh chopped garlic
Freshly ground pepper
Kosher salt
Red pepper flakes


Get the EGG to 400-450°F (204-232°C).

In a bowl, mix shrimp with all ingredients. Amounts of each depend on your taste … I like mine spicy, so I use a fair amount of Cajun spice and pepper flakes. Don’t drown in olive oil, but make sure each shrimp is covered. Use skewers for cooking on the EGG. Cook 3 to 4 minutes per side, then close all vents, and cook for 2 more minutes for a nice smoke flavor.

Serve over pasta, or as an appetizer with toasted French bread. Also try on skewers!


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Hot Tub Season is Coming!

What a lousy season it’s been for pools, huh? Well, no worries! That just makes for a better spa season, and it’s just around the corner!

Here are a few tips to get your spa season started the right way. 


1. Clean your hot tub.

Your spa has been sitting idle for months! Whether you drain your tub for the summer or not, you need to take a couple steps to rid your spa of harmful bacteria before you start soaking.

  • If you drain your spa:

Use BioGuard’s Off The Wall with a Miracle Pad for easy removal of films, mold, and stains, and Spa Cleaning Mitts to remove oils, dirt and waterline deposits.







  • If you keep the water in your tub: 

Use Leisure Time Jet Clean to clean all the junk out of your jets. This is important! Still, warm water is a breeding ground for bacteria, and it will start in the jets where you can’t clean with normal products or see.

To Use Jet Clean:Leisure-Time-Jet-Clean1

  1. Remove Filter and clean separately using SpaGuard Filter Cleaner.
  2. Before the spa is drained, add 1 bottle of Leisure Time Jet Clean to warm spa water.
  3. Turn ON pump and run the jets for 15 minutes. (Ensure that the filter is NOT in the spa.)
  4. Turn pump and jets OFF and let sit for 1 hour.
  5. Turn pump ON and run jets and blower for 15 minutes.
  6. Drain the spa, hosing off the inside spa walls while draining.*
  7. Follow the If you drain your spa steps listed above to clean the shell.

*May need to partially fill spa and drain to reduce foaming.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your spa, you can move onto the next step…

2. Fill your hot tub.

If you are filling from a well or if your town water has metals, use a Hayward Water Bobby with SpaGuard Stain And Stain Control when filling the spa. This will eliminate the chance of metals discoloring the spa water and gumming up the filter when you begin chemical maintenance.


  • Screw the Water Bobby to the end of your garden hose to catch the metals while filling before they get into the tub.
  • Use SpaGuard Stain And Scale Control to ensure that your spa is protected in case some trace metals made it through the Water Bobby, or if you’re not using a Bobby at all. This will allow you to chlorinate and shock like normal without needing to worry about the metals dropping out of solution and discoloring the water or staining the spa surfaces.

Once you have filled your spa and protected it from metals that may be present in your source water, you may continue to the next step…

3. Balance the water.

This is the simplest step. Bring in a water sample when the spa is up to temperature and we’ll test it for you. Depending on your pH level, we will supply you with a SpaGuard Spa Symmetry Water Balance Kit. The kit includes everything you need to balance your spa. The sanitizer and shock will need to be purchased additionally. With a spa you only use teaspoons and tablespoons at a time (usually,) so the kit will last a while.


When the spa has been balanced, you can move on to the final step…

4. Enjoy your hot tub!

We don’t really need to tell you how to do that, do we?




Also check out our new lines of Spazazz Spa Scents
 to enhance your soaking experience!



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Pre-Season Loop Loc Sale Starting Now!

Winter is just around the corner and we are starting our pre-season Loop Loc Sale! Get a Loop Loc Safety Cover and installation now and we will winterize your pool for free! (Up to a $229 value!) 

If you’re tired of looking outside in the winter and seeing this…

Winter Pool Tarp Cover








or worse- having to open it in the spring, or even if you have pets or children that you worry about falling in. A Loop Loc Safety Cover is the right one for you!



You’ll probably never need a safety pool cover strong enough to support the weight of “Bubbles,” the African elephant. But imagine how safe you’ll feel owning the only pool cover that’s proven it can: the one and only LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover.



Built super-strong using the highest quality materials and workmanship. 

Securely anchored into the deck, LOOP-LOC puts an unbreakable “lock” on your pool to protect your family. And LOOP-LOC’s exclusive computer-aided design ensures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool. A LOOP-LOC always stays tight, clean and beautiful on your pool.



Manufactured of ultra-strong, super dense mesh 

that blocks virtually all sunlight but still lets rain and melting snow easily drain through. It’s the perfect choice for customers who want less light and debris in their pools, but still want the one-of-a-kind protection of the only pool cover proven safe and strong enough to support an elephant!


mesh_callout_03So unique, it’s patented

Only LOOP-LOC comes with the CABLE-LOC™ and patented GAPGUARD® Child Safety Intrusion Barriers, Protect-A-Gap® and Aqua-Loc® zipper treatment. These treatments close the dangerous gaps created where raised obstructions meet the covers edge, so there’s no way children or pets can slip through.


mesh_callout_04Proven to not only meet – but exceed – ASTM standards

 for Safety Swimming Pools Covers F 1346-91. All LOOP-LOC covers also have undergone extensive outside testing through Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) and have earned the U.L. seal of approval for safety swimming pool covers.





Still not convinced? See it with your own eyes!

Don’t miss out on a free winterization! call for an estimate A.S.A.P.!



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Can’t Make It To Our Store?

Are you running dangerously low on chlorine or needing your water tested, but just can’t make it in to our store?

No worries! Let us come to you for free! With a minimum $50 purchase we will deliver anything in the store to your home at no charge (within 30 miles of our store) and we’ll get it there within 48 hours!

Complete BioGuard Line At Advanced Spa And Pool in Hudson NH

If you don’t need $50.00 in products ASAP will still deliver to you (*for a nominal service fee)


Simply fill out a delivery request form and your products will be on their way A.S.A.P.! Can’t get easier than that!


Click Here For Details & Request Form→

Call the store to speak to someone about Mobile Water Testing! The same terms apply.


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When Was The Last Time You Got A Tune Up?

Just like your car needs a tune up, your pool needs one too!

Let us inspect your pool and check your filter for optimum efficiency, lube all the o-rings, backwash your filter, and give you the peace of mind of having a pool that runs perfectly. Now you can finally enjoy your pool as much as your kids!




Do you have Mineral Springs or another salt system on your pool? We can clean the cell at the same time (for a nominal fee.) Ask us to bring BioGuard Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner with us!





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Did You Just Open Your Pool? The Season’s Half Way Over!

Hi Everyone!

I do all the pool service scheduling, and I noticed this year that everyone was opening their pools 2 weeks to a month later than normal (which caused the road block in our calendar for Pool Openings and Service by the way; we are doing our best to catch up and apologize for long waiting times.) The summer started about a month late, which means the swimming season started a month late! Since we New Englanders are well aware that the winter NEVER starts a month late, that means that our precious swimming season has been cut short.

Pool of hard knocks … swimming with kids isn't all it's cracked up to be.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Check Out AquaCal Heat Pumps– the most energy efficient way to keep your pool warm until you’re done swimming!




Whether you have an Above Ground or an In Ground Pool, there’s an AquaCal Heat Pump for you!


For Above Grounds And In Grounds:








The TropiCal is an economy heat pump designed to fit any budget. It is perfect for above-ground pools and small in-ground pools.

• Optimum heat output in a small footprint • Large surface and corrosion resistant evaporator • Vinyl coated fan grill • Microprocessor controlled automatic defrost allows operation down to the mid to lower 40s • High performance titanium heat exchanger

For In Grounds Only:

Product Header



Allow us to introduce you to HeatWave SuperQuiet, our TOP selling and most sought after model. Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger at its core – the HeatWave SuperQuiet Series offers you optimum return on your money. At 55 dB, AquaCal’s HeatWave SuperQuiet heat pumps are virtually silent from 10ft. away!

All of our HeatWave SuperQuiet Heat Pumps are fully tested and certified by AHRI. Making the right choice just got a whole lot easier.ahri_cert_product





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Which Variable Speed Pump Should I Upgrade To?

Are you looking for a new pump? Something hopefully more energy efficient and preferably with programmable settings?

You’re in luck! We carry the Pentair Intellipro Variable Speed Pump. The only pool pump that has been called-





When Pentair originally unveiled IntelliPro® variable speed technology, it quickly earned rave reviews from pool professionals, public utilities and pool owners alike. And no wonder, given its unprecedented combination of energy efficiency, long-term dependability and whisper-quiet operation.
Now comes the latest member of the IntelliPro family, the IntelliPro Variable Speed Pump. It further refines the field proven advancements that have led Pentair’s pumps to outsell all other variable speed brands combined. 
For cost savings, quiet relaxation and long service life, the IntelliPro Variable Speed Pump is the single most valuable investment you can make in your pool.



  • ENERGY STAR® Certified: meets strict energy efficiency criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Cost savings that average up to $1,500 annually
  • 90% energy savings compared to previous-technology pumps.
  • Near-silent operation-as low as 45 decibels.
  • 8 programmable speed settings and built-in timer deliver optimum speed and run times, for highest efficiency and lowest operating cost.
  • Hyper-efficient permanent magnet motor – the same technology found in hybrid automobiles.
  • Motor speed adjusts to match your pool’s requirements in real time.
  • TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled) motor runs cooler, quieter and lasts longer.
  • Built-in diagnostics safeguard the pump for greater durability.
  • More total energy savings than any other pool pump family ever.
  • Integrated keypad-no need to purchase separately at additional cost.
  • Over 5 years of proven in-field reliability.
  • Exclusive software and digital controls make programming a breeze.
  • Complete compatibility with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch®, SunTouch® Pool Control Systems or other brands of digital pool/spa controls for managing pump, heating, lighting, spa jets, water features and more, from virtually any location. 1

1  To integrate IntelliPro with other manufacturers’ controllers, an IntelliComm®or IntelliComm® II control must be purchased separately and installed properly. See owner’s manual for details. IntelliPro® functions can be controlled remotely through your PC, iPad®, iPod touch® or iPhone® with the addition of a Screen Logic ® PC interface kit and free ScreenLogic® software. 


*Savings based on variable speed pump compared to a single-speed pump running 12 hours per day at an average of $0.16 per kWh in a 20,000 gallon pool. Actual savings may vary based on local utility rates, pool size, pump run time, pump horsepower, pump rpm, plumbing size and length, pump model, service factor and other hydraulic factors. 



Wouldn’t you rather swim in money than lose it to an old pump?




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Is Your Pool STILL Green?

Are you tired of your pool looking like this?



If you’re like many others- stuck with a green pool during this year’s heat and pollen vortex and just can’t get it clear, we know how! Let us do it for you (in most cases clear in 3-5 days) and make your pool blue, and your wallet green once again! 



Call Or Stop By to ask us about our Clean Till Clear Service and our expertise in clearing pools A.S.A.P.!

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