Your Pool Needs a Mid-Season Tune Up!

Mid-Season Pool Tune Up

Is your Swimming Pool running at peak performance?  Does your filter seem to be having a hard time keeping up with the increase in bather load and temperature?  It may be time for Advanced Spa And Pool to do a Mid-Season Tune Up!

Pool Filters run double duty at the beginning of the season, All the extra hours of cleaning up the Algae and debris left over from the off season wreaks havoc on the filter media.  Algae, Pollen, and Silt left over from the winter clog the cleaning path of any type of filter whether it be a Sand, Cartridge, or DE.  Then come the bathers all loaded up with make-up, body oils and tanning lotion, What filter could withstand this?  All the backwashing and rinsing in the world won’t bring your filter media back to life.

A Mid-Season Tune up from ASAP will not only restore your filter to its peak performance levels, but we’ll also check out all the other factors needed to provide proper pool care maintenance.

We’ll start by giving the pool a thorough vacuuming.  (No we’re not here to clean a dirty pool so pools with excessive cleaning issues will require an additional charge for time to clean)

We follow that up with a good brushing…  Breaking up those Bio Films is necessary to keep Algae at bay in the coming Warmer Months.

Next on the list a thorough filter cleaning!

For sand, we do a thorough backwash followed up by a much-needed chemical cleansing using BioGuard’s Strip Quick



  • Removes grease and oil from filter by acting as a shampoo
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Works on all filter types



Strip quick breaks down body oils, bio films, and any other sticky substance clogging up your sand and causing the filter to channel water through a series of tunnels in the sand bypassing the basic means of filtration (Think of these channels as an ant’s nest.  The water runs through the channels and completely misses the body of sand.)  Then we do another thorough backwash to rinse out the broken down contaminates and resettle the sand eliminating the channeling.

For Cartridge and DE we remove the elements, thoroughly clean them inside and out, and then spray them with Strip Quick. After waiting the prescribed dissolve time we again do a rigorous cleaning of the elements and replace them in the filter.

Once the filter is put back together we get the system operational again and look over the system to see that the mechanics are operating properly.  If there are any items to address it will be noted and gone over at the conclusion of the service.

We will look over all of your equipment and accessories that we have access to and make a list of any items we recommend to replace (e.g. Vacuum hose, head, brush, test strips etc.…).  If you would like any items (along with any chemicals you will need) will be delivered FREE of charge (Per ASAP’s Free delivery Policy)

Don’t wait!  Call Kelley at Advanced Spa And Pool 603-579-2727 to schedule your ASAP Mid-Season Tune Up Today!!!!

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The Truth About Phosphates

Hello everyone!

We’re going to talk a little bit about phosphates today.

You’ve probably heard us at one point or another tell you that you have a high level of phosphates. What are phosphates, and what kind of havoc can they unleash on your pool? 

Phosphates can enter your pool any time, and they do. Pretty much from anything. They’re ever present, in one form or another. The only time phosphates may make your life difficult is if you have persistent algae, or algae and a chlorine demand.

Phosphates are food for algae. So, if you have algae you just can’t get rid of, we’ll probably test for phosphates. In this scenario, we’ll prescribe BioGuard Pool Tonic to remedy your phosphate issue, then aggressively attack your algae problem. When the algae is gone and your pool is clear again… It’s time for you to jump on the Optimizer Plus bandwagon. We promise you’ll never go back to living without it. (Plus, that will help gain you access to BioGuard’s Tru-Blue Promise.) 

Now, let’s revisit our last conversation about chlorine demand. When you add shock to your pool, the chlorine goes right in and kills the first thing it encounters. In this scenario, that is algae. If that chlorine molecule goes in and is used up on killing the algae right away, it is not able to contribute to breaking through that demand and establishing a free chlorine residual. You would need double or triple the amount of shock to hit breakpoint for this reason. If there are also phosphates present, then the algae is constantly being fed, and constantly reproducing, creating a viscous cycle of not quite adding enough shock. Ergo Pool Tonic. The best cure for a sick pool. If you remove the phosphates, you remove the food, and the algae is left vulnerable and much easier to kill. Then you’ll​ be able to establish free chlorine.

I can NOT stress to you enough the importance of these two products if you find yourself in one of these situations. We will always recommend these to you, and help you get through your tough pool times. Don’t forget, only we as your BioGuard certified pool care Experts can PROMISE that you will never find algae or cloudy water in your pool… Ever again! Don’t wait until you have a problem to become a member of the Tru-Blue Promise.

You deserve better than that!

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Water Chemistry Explained

The pool is finally open again! Yay!

The first thing you need to do (after running your filter for 24-48 hours and adding shock and algaecide) is bring a sample of your pool water in for us to analyze to get your pool on the right track to a crystal clear pool. You’ll hear us say things like, “Your TDS is very high, you should consider draining some of your pool water.” Or, “It looks like your pool is in a Chlorine Demand, I’m going to run another test and call you with the results.” Or, “You have a lot of Combined Chlorine. We need to shock the pool to bring that down.”

It can be confusing; we know. That’s why we go to school for it every year. So what does it all mean, exactly?

Let’s go through this one piece at a time, and I’ll explain what your pool chemistry means to us, and what it means to you.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Imagine you’re in a conference room. You’re by yourself. You should be easily able to quickly get to the other side of the room, right? Now imagine there are 10 other people between you and the other end. It’s still pretty easy to get around them to the other side. Now there are 50 people in the room with you. The time it takes you to get to the other side is going to be a bit longer, and it will be more difficult to navigate through the crowd. Now imagine there are 100 people. Can you still make it to the other side quickly?

That is your TDS. When you put chemicals in your pool, after a while the residuals left behind add up. Rain water, detergents from bathing suits, fertilizer… any contaminants that enter the pool water contribute to this. Once your Total Dissolved Solids reach a certain point (about 2500 ppm above your source water) it makes it very difficult for chlorine to get where it needs to go and do it’s job, causing algae blooms and cloudy water.

Unfortunately, there really is no way to get rid of high TDS, except to drain out some of your water and replace it with fresh water. Some chemicals like Liquid Chlorine will add to your TDS much quicker because of all the fillers the liquid contains. That’s why we only recommend BioGuard chemicals during the season; the best in the industry.

Chlorine Demand

Chlorine Demand is the consistent inability to establish a FREE chlorine residual. If you are adding shock week after week and the chlorine pad on your strip is still white, you may be in a Chlorine Demand. What this basically means is that there are more contaminants in your water than your normal dose of chlorine can handle. There is no test that would allow us (or anyone in the industry) to test how many contaminants you have in your pool, and unfortunately that normally means a lot of guess work on the water testers’ part. However, BioGuard dealers (and only BioGuard dealers) DO have the equipment to accurately determine how much chlorine you will need to satisfy that demand. Sometimes that means 10 pounds of shock, and sometimes that means 100 pounds, but you can rest assured that we will help you find the best solution to your situation, and get you back on track in time for your big pool party next week.

Combined Chlorine

Combined Chlorine and Chlorine Demand are often confused, because they can both require a lot of shock to correct. They’re actually completely different. Combined Chlorine is created when a chlorine molecule bonds with a nitrogen molecule or ammonia molecule. Where does nitrogen come from? It can come from many different sources, including Lawn care products, Acid Rain, Perspiration and Urine or other types of Ammonia. When you smell chlorine but your free chlorine is within range, you’re smelling chloramines. Chloramines are very poor sanitizers and can cause swimmer discomfort. Combined chlorine is the measure of chloramines in your pool water. When the level of chloramines gets high, it can take a lot of shock to burn those off. Fortunately, just like chlorine demands, we have the equipment to accurately measure how much shock it will take to fix the problem. The first time.

Free Chlorine VS. Total Chlorine

When we talk to you about your pool water and when your looking at your analysis print out, you’ll see a reading for both Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine. Free chlorine is active chlorine available in your pool to kill bacteria and algae. Total Chlorine measures both your free chlorine and the amount of Chloramines (or combined chlorine) in the water. Ideally, your free chlorine should always be between 1.5ppm and 3ppm, and your total chlorine should be the same number, or less than 0.5ppm over your free chlorine residual. For example, If you have 3ppm of total chlorine and 1.5ppm of free chlorine, that means you have 1.5ppm of chloramines in your water that need to be oxidized. If it isn’t taken care of quickly, the number of chloramines will continue to grow, causing your little swimmers to complain of burning eyes and stinky water.

To avoid problems with your pool water before they turn your pool cloudy or green, bring a sample of your pool water (at elbow depth, away from the returns) to our convenient location in Hudson for a FREE water analysis by BioGuard Water Care Experts!

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Is Your Pool Opening Scheduled?

If it’s not, call in ASAP! Spots fill in FAST!

Opening your pool early (April) is absolutely essential to a smooth opening as far as getting the pool water balanced, clear, and ready for May. Don’t wait too long and end up having to clean up a swampy pool a week before Memorial Day! (We’ve all been there, it’s not fun.) Do you normally open your pool, but haven’t had time to do it? Let us take care of it for you and take that off your plate! Our Award Winning, Industry Trained service crews have over 40 years experience in taking the best care of your pool.

We do everything from pool openings to complete renovations!

Maybe your pool needs some repairs or a liner change so your wondering if you should open it yet. Call us and tell us about your situation, and we’ll schedule accordingly. If it’s a liner change you’re contemplating, we have many beautiful liner patterns to choose from. Now is the best time to start the process, not when you’re ready to swim!

Click here to pick out your new liner!


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I’m sorry… That was too far.

Let’s get serious, now. Don’t let your pool fool you this season! Just because it looks sparkling clear does not always mean it’s perfectly balanced. Bring your water sample in at least once a month, even when it looks beautiful to make sure everything is balanced. Unbalanced pool water can turn on you very quickly, and without any warning. Stop in with a sample of your pool water (taken from elbow depth and away from the returns) for a FREE water analysis! While we’re testing your water, ask us how we’re able to PROMISE you that your pool will never turn green or cloudy again! 

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5 Questions You Need To Ask When Buying a Spa


5 Questions you need to ask before buying a Hot Tub or Spa


Making a Big purchase can be an intimidating experience for many people.  You want to get the best product for the best price and at the end of the day feel like you’ve got a great value!  If you don’t understand what questions to ask this can be a daunting task.  There are several very important factors you need to understand before purchasing your first Hot Tub or Spa so we’ll try to help you make your purchase less intimidating.

At Advanced Spa And Pool of Hudson NH we will try to help you sift thru the rhetoric and understand the basics of Total Relaxation.

First let’s try to understand the difference between a Hot Tub and a Spa.  Traditionally a Hot Tub was a round “Tub of Water” with a simple bench to sit on, a few jets, and a simple heat source.  Some early models even had no pump and used the heat transfer from a wood fired heat box to circulate the water and heat.  A Spa (No, not where you get a makeover) was traditionally a more advanced small body of water with molded seating, a pump or pumps to circulate the water, and offered a more therapeutic massage.  Today the terms Spa and Hot Tub are nearly synonymous as they are both recognized as a means for Relaxation, Therapy, and Family together time!

Here are the most important questions to ask when purchasing a Spa of Hot Tub:

  1. How big of a Spa do I need?

Most manufacturers typically describe their spas as a “six seater”, or an “eight seater”.  This is generally highly inaccurate.  The spa may have (8) seats but there is no way you will fit (16) legs in the foot well.  It would be far more accurate to say “Eight Seating Positions”, therefore you will probably be more comfortable in a bigger unit than squeezing into a model with only the correct number of seats for bathers.


  1. Where do I put my Hot Tub?

We are in New England so most Hot Tubs/Spas are situated outside to enjoy the four seasons.  If your spa has an impervious bottom (such as a molded nylon pan) and an all resin exterior it will withstand the temperature and weather variations and insect/rodent infestation.  The tub can rest on a cement or paver brick slab, a properly graded crushed stone base or a wood/synthetic deck (If the deck is raised off the ground have a properly licensed contractor inspect the deck for the weight load needed to accommodate the Spa, Water, and bathers).

  1. What type of insulation is best for New England?

Being in New England our temperatures can range from 0 degrees in the winter to 90+ in the summer so insulation is very important.  Hot Tubs/Spa are all made differently so it is important to understand what is best for you!  There are promotional style Hot Tubs which offer NO insulation and these units are not good for an outdoor application in the winter.  There are Fully Foamed Spas which offer a slightly better R value for insulation purposes but lend to huge problems in the event of a plumbing leak in later years.  The best option in ASAP’s opinion is a Hot Tub or Spa with a dead air space insulation combined with a cabinet which has a layer of insulation around the perimeter.  The motors of today’s Spas generate tremendous heat which gets trapped in the cabinet surrounding the entire spa.  This is very efficient as well as having the plumbing exposed in this type of application makes for extremely Easy and Cost Effective Plumbing repairs in the future.  The best of both worlds!!


  1. What type of Spa Cover should I get?

Being that MOST heat loss is always up, having the best cover always makes sense.  For outdoors a minimum of 4” thick with a taper (so water and snow will melt and roll off) is needed.  Better yet, we at Advanced Spa And Pool offer the “Atlas Cover” which is a 6” extra dense foam cover as a replacement.

ASAP sells Strong Spas, A unique brand of Hot Tubs/Spas that offer a patented “Hard Cover” with an integrated Lifting System.  This cover combines Ease of use, Excellent thermal rating, and a lifetime warranty.  Yes, you’ll never have to buy a Spa Cover again!

  1. What should I look for in a warranty?

Most spas come with a warranty on Equipment, Plumbing, and Accessories.  Generally, the accessories will be covered by a one year warranty, the plumbing by 2-5 years and the equipment as well a 2-5-year warranty.  The Quality of the tub generally dictates the length of warranty with entry level units at 2-3 years and full optioned high quality units offering 5 years.  MOST Importantly are the details from the retailer you purchase your spa from.  Many charge the customer a destination or trip charge even under warranty or mileage allowance, and after the unit is out of warranty will not service the unit at all (Most manufacturers require the retailer to honor the warranty thru its end but after do not require any further service commitment especially if they no longer sell the brand.  Advanced Spa And Pool does NOT charge any additional Labor, Trip, or mileage fee for any repair covered under the Manufacturer’s warranty through the entire term of the warranty.  ASAP also services and repairs most ALL brands on the market after the warranty expires as long as we are able to obtain parts (Even if we did not sell the unit originally).

ASAP will stand with you through the life of your purchase!

We hope this helps you in your search for decades of family fun and relaxation If there is anything we can do to help in your search please let us know!


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Pool Openings

Pool Openings

Hello everyone! It is still early but it’s time to start thinking about your pool opening. Our schedule fills up FAST… Call now to get the date you want before it’s gone!

I’d also like to take a minute to talk about our new products. If you’re one of our lucky customers who tried BioGuard Pool Complete for the first time last season, you’ll be just as excited as we are about Pool Opening Complete.

Just like Pool Complete, Pool Opening Complete makes cleaning your pool after opening easier than ever before. You’ll wonder why you ever tried opening your pool without it! For the easiest pool season from opening to closing, continue using Pool Complete after Pool Opening Complete. Taking care of your pool CAN’T get any easier than this!

We understand that it can be a little scary to try new products once your pool is clear or when you feel like you finally have your own system down. Let us take away that anxiety with our Tru-Blue Promise. We PROMISE that your pool will never turn cloudy or green again, and if it does, we’ll give you the products to treat it, for FREE! What do you have to lose?

Learn more about the Tru-Blue Promise here.

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Our Season Supply Sale Is Back!

Our Annual Season Supply Sale is Here!

Get all the Sanitizer, Shock, and Algaecide you need for this summer at a Substantial Discount! Only for a limited time!!!

Give us a call and ask for personalized pricing and what is included in your package. You can have all of the maintenance chemicals for this season calculated according to your pool volume by BioGuard Certified Water Care Experts. Don’t forget, the Season Supply Discount is not limited to your weekly maintenance chemicals, but you can add ANY other chemicals and reap the benefits of the best sale we run all year! What a stress-free way to start your summer!

This year we will still be offering free delivery, or a Free Gift to any customer who picks up their season supply from our convenient Hudson, NH location.



Don’t forget to add our newest (and very important) BioGuard products, to your Season Supply order to get them at a discounted price! 

Click Here To See Our New BioGuard Products→ 



*Ask us how to become a Preferred Member and continue saving big on… 

Pool Toys and Chemicals

Pool Parts

Accessories for Grills and the Big Green Egg

Spa Chemicals

Outdoor Heaters

Backyard Accessories

And More… All Year Long!!!


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More Winter Is Coming! 

More Winter Is Coming! 

Hello everyone! 

According to Punxsutawney Phil, we have 6 more weeks of winter. What a bummer! #notmygroundhog.

For those of us with mesh covers, that means we’ll have to do a little more to protect our pool water from turning ugly before we open the pool back up in the spring. The easiest and most effective way to do that is to pick up a bottle of BioGuard Algae All 60 and pour it through the cover. (Only pour algaecide through. Do not do this with liquid chlorine! That will damage your cover.) This will kill algae that has started to grow, and prevent more from starting. 

Also consider opening your pool early when you have a safety cover. They are mesh covers, so they do let rain water and melting snow through. This will dilute your chlorine residual and add contaminants to the pool. There is always a chance that your pool will open looking like a swamp with a safety cover if you don’t take some extra steps to keep it clean through the winter. 
A good rule of thumb when you have a pool with a safety cover is to add one whole bottle of algae all 60 at Thanksgiving, and another at easter. Take a few minutes and save yourself days and hundreds of dollars of cleaning your pool in the spring. 

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We Are The Best Of Greater Nashua For 2016!


We’ve done it again… With all of your help, of course! You have voted us at Advanced Spa and Pool as the best Swimming Pool Service Company again, and for the first time, best Hot Tub Service Company of Greater Nashua! We can’t thank you enough for your continued loyalty and patronage to our company. We wouldn’t be the award winning company we are without you!

We thank you, and look forward to serving you in 2017!

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