Backwashing Correctly

Hello Again!

I’ve had some people ask me recently how exactly to properly backwash their pool. This is a very important part of circulation and filtration.

Every pool and filter is different, so it would be impossible for me to tell you exactly at how much pressure per square inch (PSI) to backwash. The easiest way for you to find out is to give your filter a really good backwash and rinse and then take note of the pressure on your pressure gauge. The best way to find out a more accurate number to go by would to clean your filter with Strip Kwik and Kleen It, then take note of the starting pressure. Once you know that number, when the pressure raises 8-10 PSI over your starting pressure, it’s time to backwash.

When you backwash, you shouldn’t be timing it to tell you when to stop backwashing. Instead, watch the sight glass on your filter, it will look like a little glass dome or mini mason jar, and you will notice the water in the sight glass turning green or cloudy. When the water in the sight glass goes completely clear, then you can turn the pump off and run the rinse cycle the same way. It most likely won’t take as long for the water in the sight glass to turn clear as it did when backwashing. When it’s clear, shut your pump off then put it back on filter.

ALWAYS shut your pump off switching positions on your multiport valve!!! This is extremely important! Your filter is until a lot of pressure, and the best case scenario if you try to switch positions with the pump running would be that you damage that $200 multiport valve.

Make sure you’re running a rinse cycle every time you backwash. This is also important for the efficiency of your filter.

As long as you follow these steps each time, you’ll be in the clear!

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