Alternative Uses For Pool Noodles

We still have plenty of pool noodles in stock!

Here are some clever ways to use your pool noodles, or pick up a couple for when you can’t use them in the pool.

  1. Lightsabers! With the new Star Wars movie just coming out, this one is kind of obvious. We’ve all used a pool noodle as a lightsaber at some point in our lives. Admit it. All you need are a few pool noodles and some duct tape!


2. Boot Savers– Keep your boots from flopping over and creasing with a pool noodle. Just cut to the length of the boot.


3. Life sized pool noodle Lincoln Logs- Spray paint your pool noodles, cut them to the size you want, cut out notches, and you’ve got the coolest play set ever. 


4. Pool Noodle Christmas Wreath- Use one or two pool noodles as the base and attach ornaments and decorations to it for a simple and cheap beautiful Christmas Wreath.


5. Pool noodle tic tac toe- Make a giant tic tac toe game, or just make pieces out of the pool noodle. Customize the game exactly how you want it!



Come pick up some of the pool noodles we have left before they’re gone! The fun and possibilities are endless!


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