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Be Smart when shocking!

Hi Everybody,

I’m here today to address the elephants in the room about Calcium Hypochlorite shocks.

We all know the pros about using Cal-Hypo shocks; they’re less costly, and they leave your pool sparkling and crystal clear.

We all also know the cons; it temporarily clouds the pool and you can’t swim for 8 hours after putting it in.

If those cons are more like deal-breakers for you, then Smart Shock is for you!

Use Smart shock after a big party, before a big party, after rain, for weekly maintenance, for algae blooms… for anything you would use your cal-hypo shock for and more!

Smart Shock is a Sodium Hypochlorite shock, so it won’t cloud the pool. It also has blue algae killing crystals to help your weekly algaecide. Do you want to know the best part? You can swim just 15 minutes after putting it in!

Smart Shock is the smartest shock you can get!

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