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Closing Time

It’s a sad time here at Advanced Spa And Pool.


It’s time for us to pull out all of our winter covers, gizzmos, air pillows and winter chemicals. It is for you, too! As much as we don’t want summer to end, it will soon. Take some steps to ensure that your pool opening in the spring is as easy as possible.

Clean your pool! We know that you just want to be done with the brushing and vacuuming and scooping but it is so important to get all the dirt and leaves out of the pool before closing. If leaves are left in the pool over the winter, they can stain your pool surface.

Balance your pool water! Just because you’re going to be closing up soon does not mean that you don’t need to continue testing and balancing. Leaving your pool with high or low pH, low chlorine, low alkalinity or low calcium hardness for months over the winter can damage the pool. There’s also a better chance that you’ll open up to a swamp.

Clean your filter! Don’t leave your cartridge, sand or DE filter dirty over the winter. It will degrade the life of your filter media. Use BioGuard Strip Kwik and Kleen It to clean any filter.

Add the appropriate winter chemicals! This is very important. The winter kits and winter chemicals are NOT the same as your weekly maintenance chemicals. They may do the same thing, but they are formulated much differently to withstand the winter temperatures. Add the BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kit according to the size of your pool 24 hours before you or our service experts close your pool.


All of us at Advanced Spa and Pool have enjoyed working with you all, old friends and new. We hope you have a happy and safe winter, and look forward to seeing you in the spring! We thank you for your loyalty and again, for voting us the best in our industry!


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