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Heavy Metal Pool

Do you have a heavy metal pool?



If you have a high level of metals in your water, your pool will not be rockin’. High copper, manganese, and iron can stain pool surfaces, discolor the water, and even turn your hair funny colors. (Copper is the culprit of green hair, NOT chlorine.) So, how are metals removed?

Metal removal is an easy-peasy 3 part process.


Step 1. Pool Magnet® Plus

Add directly to pool water to prevent and remove stains. This is a highly concentrated formula that is easy to apply
and eliminates discolored water from metals.




Step 2. Sparkle Up®

This is a filter enhancer with an affinity for metals that you put right into the skimmer. Sparkle Up can be used with any filter type. Leave Sparkle Up in the filter for 24 hours, or until the filter reaches maximum pressure, then backwash. Repeat until metals are gone.





Step 3. Kleen It®

Use Kleen it to remove all the metals from
your filter to ensure they are not re-introduced to the pool. Kleen It cleans DE, Sand and Cartridge filters by a spray or soak application. Give us a call if you are unsure of the most efficient way to use Kleen It for your filter type.



**Before you start planning your KISS themed pool party, bring a water sample in to the experts at Advanced Spa And Pool to make sure all the metals have been removed. Rock on with no metals this season!

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